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Many people aren’t able to eat healthy fruits and vegetables because those foods simply aren’t available or affordable. EatSF is changing that. Join us.

You can make an impact now

$12.50 per week helps a family to develop healthy eating habits for their children that will help them live healthier many years ahead.

$33.00 per month helps a low-income senior better manage her diabetes by eating healthier.

$650 provides healthy fruits and vegetables for one low-income household for a full year.

$8,500 provides fresh produce for 1,000 households for one week.

With your support EatSF will:

  • Help thousands more individuals and families access nutritious food critical for
  • Help children develop a palate for fruits and vegetables, leading to lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Help low-income individuals with diseases affected by diet to better manage their health and reduce costly hospital visits.
  • Create a demand for fruits and vegetables in low-income communities, thereby increasing supply for everyone.
  • Help more people with critical need afford fruits and vegetables.
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